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Why Does the Water Filter Cartridge Need to Be Changed Regularly?

Published by admin July 13,2020

Firstly, let's get to know the necessity for the using of water filter cartridge and working principle of water filter cartridge.

According to the United Nations World assessment report on water resources provided by the fourth World Water Forum, millions of tons of garbage are dumped into rivers, lakes and streams every day around the world, and each liter of waste water will pollute 8L of fresh water; all rivers flowing through Asian cities are polluted; 40% of water resources in the United States are polluted by processed food waste, metals, fertilizers and pesticides; only 5 of 55 rivers in Europe can reluctantly be used. These fresh water resources will enter the human body step by step along with the ecological chain, causing great damage to the body. Therefore, we need to use water filters to ensure the safety of drinking water.

The core of the water filter is the water filter cartridge. The working principle of the water filter is to filter out the impurities, particles, colloids, residual chlorine, heterochromatic odor, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals and other harmful substances in the water through the filter cartridge. Our RO system can do this. RO system is usually divided into five levels. The first level is PP water filter cartridge, It can filter out the visible impurities such as sediment, rust, egg and algae floating matter, recommended replacement period is 3-6months; The second level is GAC water filter cartridge, it uses NSF certified high-quality activated carbon as raw material, it can effectively absorb residual chlorine, odor, pigment, and remove organic matter, pesticide and other chemicals in water. After acid pickling and air separation, the ash content of all activated carbon is greatly reduced; the two ends of the water filter cartridge are lined with special melt blown mats instead of ordinary non-woven fabric, so that the water filter cartridge has good efficiency, high flow rate, and no black water is discharged, recommended replacement period is about 6months; The third level is CTO water filter cartridge, It is made of 80-300 mesh high quality activated carbon by sintering with hydrophilic polymer. Keep the excellent performance of activated carbon, and have good filtration performance at the same time. The residual chlorine and decolorization removal rate can reach more than 98%. It can be compared with German and American products, recommended replacement period is about 6month. First three levels are called pre-filter. The fourth level is RO water filter cartridge, which is the core of Water Filter Cartridge, it can filter out small molecular substances such as heavy metals and scale, produce direct drinking water. Recommended replacement period is about 2 years. The fifth level and beyond are composite water filter cartridges, they are also called post-filter, their water filter media could be KDF, Ion Exchange Resin, Liquid Calcium Ball, Energy Ball and so on, further improving the taste and supplement of trace elements needed by human body. Recommended replacement period is about 3-6months.

And then some people will ask, where are the filtered harmful substances? Obviously, it is blocked by the water filter cartridge. After a certain period of time, there are more and more harmful substances on the water filter cartridge, and the water volume will be smaller and smaller. Are you sure that the water purified by such water filter cartridge is OK? This also indicates that the water filter cartridge needs to be changed after a certain period of time.

After the water filter cartridge has been used for a long time, all kinds of harmful substances successfully blocked by the inner water filter cartridge will result in the blockage phenomenon that the water output will become smaller. At this time, the water filter cartridge effect will also be greatly reduced. If the user is still drinking the water, it is likely that the water quality is worse than that without a water filter.

If the water filter cartridge is not replaced for a long time, it will be overloaded. Due to the blockage, some activated carbon or RO membrane which is not responsible for filtering large particles of impurities will take the responsibility of filtration. In this way, the operation of the whole water filter will be slow and half beat, the service life of the membrane will be shorter, and the cost of the membrane will be increased, which will accelerate the shortening of the service life of the water filter.

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