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Can Refrigerator Water Filter Ensure Drinking Water Safety Completely?

Published by admin July 13,2020

Most refrigerator water filters are designed to remove three main pollutants: lead, chlorine and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Some are thought to remove cysts and chloramines.

New refrigerator filters provide clean water, reduce pollutants from entering your water. However, the capacity of carbon is limited. The longer you wait to change the filter, the worse your water will be.

The purpose of refrigerator water filters is to work on water that is already microbiologically safe. City water has been chemically treated to prevent viruses and pathogens. But if you continue to use filters in the past year, your tap water may be fortified with all the pollutants that have been clogged before. An old refrigerator water filter becomes the main living area of organisms that may enter your digestive or gastrointestinal tract and cause flu like symptoms.

The refrigerator water filter is effective in design. They are excellent at reducing the sediments, odor and chlorine. They do not soften water, remove iron, or prevent the hazards of untreated water. If your water comes from a well, you are responsible for its safety, and you need more than a refrigerator water filter to handle your water. Well water usually requires whole house wide filtration, including some type of bacterial treatment.

The refrigerator water filter should be replaced every 6 months. Do not leave the filter for more than one year. The longer you use a refrigerator water filter with more than the maximum capacity, the more harmful the water will be.

If the refrigerator water filter is not replaced, your filter will be clogged. It reaches a point where it will no longer filter because it is full of dirt and debris. You know when the water stops flowing out, it's time to change the filter. Carbon will reach maximum capacity. Even if the surface area is full, the water will continue to flow through the filter, but the water will also carry pollutants. When all the space in the old refrigerator water filter is occupied, the particles will gather or pass through the filter. Your refrigerator water filter will grow bacteria. An overloaded carbon filter collects bacteria, feeds living organisms, and becomes a bacterial camp.

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