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Let's Learn About Big Blue Water Filter Housing

Published by admin July 13,2020

The big blue water filter housing holds the large diameter cartridge in place and provides water through the housing cover. This kind of water filter housing is reliable and can withstand high flow rates.

A big blue water filter housing accommodates a large filter cartridge. Some manufacturers have not described their large-diameter filter housings as blue. Any term for large-diameter enclosures refers to enclosures that work in the same way. Water enters from one end and then flows down through the shell. Depending on the type of cartridge you are using, water may flow through the cartridge and out, or it may flow all the way to the bottom and up through the media in the plug-in cartridge. According to the water to be filtered, various filter cartridges can be put into the shell.

Big blue water filter housings are used for entry point (POE) filtration and are typically used in residential applications. Compared with standard size water filter housings, they have larger flow and can be used for commercial purposes. A large amount of water can flow through a large diameter filter housing, so it is used in a variety of applications. You can put a precipitation filter, a carbon filter, or a special filter with an ion exchange resin or other media in a big blue water filter housing.

What is the biggest difference between big blue water filter housing and other filter housings? Size. The big blue filter is most suitable for the whole house's inlet flow. Use a smaller filter and filter housing at the point of use (POU). These small cartridges are designed to be installed under the sink, to filter water to a dedicated faucet, or in combination with filters in the reverse osmosis system. Filter housings are designed differently to accommodate flow. If you are looking for an entry point (POE) filter, you will want something that can withstand high flow rates. This is where the big blue water filter housing works.

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