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How Water Affects the Flavor of Your Coffee?

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  • Published by admin July 13,2020

    As we have come across, if your water tastes a little bad, then the same bad smell will pass on to anything you make or brew. When it comes to the brewing of coffee and espresso, there are many factors, such as temperature, consistency of grinding, powder, baking outline, freshness, and of course, the source of coffee, which will affect the taste. What's more, your water may contain any amount of pollutants (or minerals), which can affect the taste and extraction of coffee. Even if your water has softened, it may contain other substances to make it enter your taste, so it's very important to find the best water filter for your needs to ensure that you get a good espresso. Let's count some of the culprits behind the poor water.

    Flavor Haters


    Yes, the chemicals used to clean the pool also keep the drinking water clean. Chlorine is a cheap additive that helps to prevent bacteria and viruses in water.

    Heavy metal

    Although this is not always the case, it is possible for water to leach minerals from metals used in pipes. Copper, lead, zinc and other metals can be extracted from the pipes, adding an undesirable metallic smell to your water.

    Dirt, dust, etc.

    Who knows what else is in it, but you don't want to put it in your cup. Dirt, dust, sand, you name it!

    Should I Use Filtered Water in my Coffee Machines?

    You should always use water filter in your coffee machine, as it’s an important and often overlooked factor in the quality of espresso you produce. It can also be the difference between having your espresso machine for a few years and enjoying it for 10 years or more!

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