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The Pleated Filter Cartridge in Swimming Pool

Published by admin July 13,2020

The pleated filter cartridge is made of PP, PVDF, PES, N6 fabric microporous membrane, which has good mechanical properties, sunlight resistance and high temperature resistance. The strength is not affected in strong acid. It is made of polyester fabric with high tensile strength. The whole body is formed by hot-melt welding technology, without pollution and medium falling off. Filter medium, central rod and end cover are glued together as an integral part to ensure better sealing of end cover. Because of its folding design, it provides a larger filtering area, prolongs the filtering life, reduces the number of pleated filter cartridge updates, and reduces the filtering cost. It is an economic filtering product from the perspective of industrial value.

Application fields of pleated filter cartridge:

1. RO and general water treatment, etc;

2. Food industry and drinking water;

3. Swimming pool filtration;

4. Filtration of acid-base liquid in chemical process;

5. Filtration of organic solution of chemical raw materials;

6. Pre filtration of sterile water and ultra pure water;

7. Filtration of industrial water and electroplating water.

Advantages of pleated filter cartridge in swimming pool

1. Folding design increases the filtering area;

2. Low pressure difference, large flux and long service life;

3. It can be cleaned to reduce the cost.

Product performance of pleated filter cartridge

operating temperature: N6-60℃; PP-80℃; PES-85℃; PVDF-90℃

Filtration life: 10" standard: 3-6 months/2500G; Big Blue: 4-6 months/5500G(Depends on water quality and level of contaminants).

Compatible model of pleated filter cartridge

PLF90A compatible with PLEATCO PA90

PLF100A compatible with PLEATCO PA100-4

PLF120A compatible with PLEATCO PA120

PLF175A compatible with PLEATCO PA175

PLFINTD compatible with Intex Type D

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