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Introduction of KDF Water Filter Media Part1

Published by admin September 21,2020

KDF water filter media is a kind of high-purity copper alloy, which can remove heavy metals and acid ions in water and improve the activation degree of water.

KDF water filter media is suitable for municipal tap water treated with chlorine. It includes places where tap water is used for household, business, school, public utilities and light industry, construction sites and factories.

KDF water filter media is a kind of water treatment medium and water treatment method that meet the requirements of environmental protection. The kdf55 water filter media is high-purity copper / zinc alloy, which works on the principle of electrochemical oxidation-reduction (electron transfer).

Kdf55 water filter media meets the requirements of EPA, FDA, WQA and NSF on the maximum zinc and copper content in drinking water. For example, KDF water filter media can remove chlorine with concentration of 10ppm in drinking water, but it still meets the EPA's requirements on the maximum allowable zinc content in drinking water.

The principle of KDF in water treatment is to use redox reaction, KDF and the water oxidation of harmful substances for electronic exchange, many harmful substances into harmless substances.

Advantages of KDF water filter media in water purifier.

1 it has a long service life and can be reused

.2 reduce mineral scaling

3 reduction of suspended solids

4 removal of  residual chlorine

5 inhibition of microbial propagation

6 removal of heavy metals

7 removal of hydrogen sulfide

The treatment of water with kdf55 media is a simple and low consumption method. For microfiltration, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis membrane, ion exchange resin, granular activated carbon, KDF medium can protect these expensive and vulnerable water treatment components from the impact of chlorine, microorganisms, scaling. In addition, kdf55 medium can remove up to 98% heavy metals, such as Pb, CD, CE, Ag, AR, Al, Se, Cu, Hg. In addition, carbonate, nitrate and sulfate in water can also be reduced by the redox reaction of precipitation on KDF media.

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