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Introduction of KDF Water Filter Media Part2

  • Published by admin September 21,2020

    Application situation of KDF water filter media in water treatment

    (1) Removal of residual chlorine from municipal drinking water

    KDF water filter media is increasingly used to combine with activated carbon water filter to remove residual chlorine (up to 99%) from municipal tap water, which is characterized by long service life. KDF water filter media for pretreatment can prolong the service life of granular activated carbon and protect the filter layer from bacterial pollution.

    At the same time, KDF water filter media can remove lead and other heavy metals, and the removal rate is up to 98%.

    (2) Protection of RO system

    RO membrane is easy to be corroded by chlorine. KDF water filter media can replace activated carbon to protect RO device from chlorine and bacteria pollution.

    The activated carbon filter can also effectively remove the residual chlorine, but because the activated carbon will quickly absorb and saturate in the high chlorine water, and the activated carbon filter is easy to breed bacteria. KDF water filter media has high dechlorination rate and can inhibit microbial reproduction, so it can provide stable and long-term protection for reverse osmosis membrane.

    (3) Inhibit the growth of bacteria and algae in cooling water and reduce scaling

    KDF water filter media has low cost for cooling water treatment, can effectively control the growth of algae and bacteria, and does not use chemicals harmful to the environment. In addition, the water treated by KDF water filter media can reduce the formation of hard scale.

    (4) KDF water filter media and other water purification systems

    KDF water filter media can control the growth of bacteria and algae in granular activated carbon layer or activated carbon filter cartridge. When the activated carbon is used with KDF water filter media, the ability of removing organic impurities and residual chlorine is enhanced.

    (5)KDF water filter media can also effectively protect expensive ion exchangers from chlorine and microbial contamination.

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