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Water Pollution and Its Harm Part2

Published by admin September 21,2020

After fully understanding the severity of water pollution and its harm, people may realize the significance of water purifier for human health.

(4) Water pollution caused by petrochemical detergent

Source example: dishwashing detergent widely used in families and restaurants.


Most of the detergents are petrochemical products, which are difficult to degrade. They will not only seriously pollute the water, but also accumulate in aquatic products when discharged into the river. People will be poisoned after eating them.  

(5) Water pollution caused by heavy metals (mercury, lead, cadmium, nickel, selenium, arsenic, chromium, thallium, bismuth, vanadium, gold, platinum, silver, etc.)

Examples of sources: Mining and smelting process, industrial waste, tannery waste water, textile waste water, domestic waste (such as batteries, chemicals).


It has direct physiological toxicity to human and animal. Irrigating crops with water containing heavy metals can pollute crops with heavy metals, which makes agricultural products toxic. It is deposited at the bottom of river and bay, enters food chain through aquatic plants, and enters human body through fish and other aquatic products.  

(6)Water pollution caused by acids: (e.g. sulfuric acid)

Examples of sources: coal mines, other metals (copper, lead, zinc, etc.) mine waste, factories that discharge acid into rivers.  


Poison plants in water.  Cause death of fish and other aquatic organisms.  Seriously damage the ecosystem of streams, ponds and lakes.  

(7) Water pollution caused by suspended solids:

Source example: soil erosion, dumping waste into rivers


Reduce water quality and increase the difficulty and cost of purified water.  

Modern domestic waste has many components that are difficult to degrade, such as plastic packaging materials. When they enter the river, they are not only very harmful to aquatic organisms (killed by ingestion), but also block the river.  

(8) Water pollution caused by oil substances:

Source example: water motor vehicle, oil tanker leakage.


Destroy the ecological environment of aquatic organisms and reduce fishery production.  

Pollution of aquatic food endangers human health.  

The leakage of oil tankers in the ocean will cause a large number of marine animals (from fish and shrimp, seabirds to seals, sea lions, etc.) to die.

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