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What information you should know about fresh flow air filter of refrigerator?

Published by admin July 13,2020

Fresh flow air filter of refrigerator is to improve the quality of your refrigerator. Reduce the mixed odor of food residues in it. People use refrigerators to store all kinds of food, but in the closed space of refrigerators, even at low temperatures, it is easy to lead to mixed smell and produce unpleasant smell, which will lead to bad smell when the refrigerators are opened. In order to ensure the air flow and freshness in the refrigerator, the decay of food in the refrigerator can be slowed down and people's health can be guaranteed. People should use a refrigerator air filter.

  fresh flow air filters

Refrigerator air filter can remove odor, at the same time, it can also remove harmful substances in the refrigerator and extend the shelf life of food. Fresh flow air filter has such a powerful function, so what is it made of? And how is it working?

Different refrigerator air filter products we produced are adopted different structures that including:

      Activated Carbon Sponge: High capacity to absorb contaminants.

      Activated Carbon Fiber: Good absorption ability of odor, smoke, VOC, etc.

      Non-Woven Cloth: Removes Large Impurities.

Multi-layered filter design has a superior absorption effect and can filter a large range of impurities of different particle sizes. The fresh flow air filters of our company are aim to improve air condition of people's refrigerator. The fridge air filters are over 15-30 times more powerful than baking soda. The absorption rate is up to 200% higher than the original filter. It is recommended that you replace the filter every 6 months to keep the air in your refrigerator fresh.

 fresh flow air filters

Certificate validation is also possible for good products. The air filter's absorption capacity is measured based on BAV: BAV represents the absorption capacity of the filter material. The higher the BAV, the higher the absorption capacity of impurities in the air.

Refrigerators have become popular household appliances, and people use them almost every day. How to keep refrigerators clean will become a topic of concern, especially for families with children, who will have greater willingness to use fresh flow air filters to maintain refrigerator air and food clean.

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