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Do you know that coffee water filter is the key to prolong coffee machine life?

Published by admin July 13,2020

When you have the espresso water filters of the coffee machine, you will also have the secret of prolonging the life of the coffee machine. Coffee, Tea and cocoa are the three major drinks in the world, Countless people drinking coffee in the world. Finland, as a big coffee-drinking country, has 9.6 kg/year per capita (2.64 cups/person/day). As you can imagine, how many coffee machines are working every day. How important of coffee maker, and the importance of maintenance coffee machines.

   espresso water filters

The espresso water filters of water filters for home appliances play an important role in maintain coffee machines. Water filter of coffee machine is very helpful to remove impurities in the water. The removal of impurities mainly depends on activated carbon and other substances in the water filter.

The espresso water filters we produced have NSF certified natural coconut shell activated carbon that effectively removing Chlorine, color, odor, Voc, THM's. Food grade Non-sodium positive resin reduce lime scales, soften water, at the same time it does not bring in Na+ which is not good to health.

The coffee filter is designed with 3D modeling. The plastic parts are manufactured with quality moulds on automatic injection machines. The best structure of coffee filter is reasonable, strong and highly-precised which assures a high matching rate. Reduce the residue of impurities, effectively prolong the life of coffee machine.

 espresso water filters

In order to make the coffee machine healthier and use much longer, it is recommended to use coffee water filter to maintain the coffee machine. Our company is the sole manufacturer who have WQA, NSF, UPC authorized certifications. Espresso water filters we produced are guaranteed of quality. Water filter manufactured has a very large sales volume and customers all over the world.

Our company's belief is letting more people drink healthy and pure water. Coffee machine of people's home or company is also needed to use coffee water filter to achieve good quality. Choose us, choose the best espresso water filters, Give the coffee machine good maintenance while enjoying a higher quality of coffee taste.

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