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Do you know anything about coffee?

Published by admin July 13,2020

When it comes to coffee, I believe we are all familiar with it, especially western friends. Coffee has a long history in western countries, just like the position of tea in traditional Chinese culture, the position of coffee in western countries is also very important.But when it comes to coffee culture, do you know it?

Coffee including blue mountain coffee, Cuban coffee, Columbia Sue palmer moab, Mexico (Kurt peja, China figure SiKe orizaba), Brazil's mountain more coffee, Colombia, tannin, milk, coffee, cream, coffee, Vienna iced coffee, hot cocoa butter, mocha coffee, el Salvador's coffee, coffee in Hawaii, Brazil's coffee, mamba coffee, coffee, 'connor santos coffee, Java, Guatemala's coffee, climbed Kilimanjaro, ice latte, big/small coffee/espresso coffee, such as 22 kinds of the most famous of the three coffee is blue mountain coffee, Hu jue and kopi luwak coffee.There's also canned and instant coffee, which makes it last longer and easier to drink.culture coffee

What are the health benefits of coffee? 1. Coffee has a cosmetic effect and is good for your skin,can promote metabolic function, activate digestive organs, relieve constipation. 2.  Coffee can eliminate fatigue, promote metabolism, and maintain the heart, blood vessels, gastrointestinal and other normal functions. 3. It has the function of relieving wine. After drinking alcohol and coffee, acetaldehyde, which is converted from alcohol, will be rapidly oxidized, decomposed into water and carbon dioxide and discharged from the body. 4. Drink regularly to prevent radiation damage. 5. It has the function of health care and medical treatment, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, promoting appetite, protecting the heart and preventing oxidation.

Of course, there are some taboos in coffee. Do you understand this? 1. Avoid drinking coffee with iron. 2. The tannins in coffee affect calcium absorption, so it's best to drink between meals. 3. Pregnant women do not drink less coffee, coffee caffeine can lead to increased abortion rate. 4. Coffee is not good for children.Caffeine can stimulate children's central nervous system, interfere with children's memory, causing children with adhd. 5. Coffee is also a risk factor for peptic ulcer disease.

With the charm of caffeine, more and more people come to coffee shops and become a fashion, and coffee culture attracts more and more attention.

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