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Does Chlorinated Water Affect Health of People?

Published by admin July 13,2020

In 1992, a report published in the American Journal of 《public health》 showed that people who drink chlorinated water had a 15 to 35 percent increased risk of certain cancers. The report also noted that these impacts are largely due to showering in chlorinated water. Up to half of the day's chlorine is consumed in the shower (through open skin pores).

The National Cancer Institute estimates that people who drink chlorinated water have a 93% higher risk of cancer than those who do not. For decades, people have been arguing about the impact of chlorinated water consumption on society. However, most experts now believe that there are some significant risks to chlorine and chlorination by-products in drinking water.

Every day, cancer cases are rising in an alarming and unprecedented number. Although medical professionals have worked hard to find a way to treat the most deadly disease, the number of terminally ill patients continues to rise. Although the treatment of cancer is still not recognized by medical professionals, we are fully capable of protecting our families and ourselves and minimizing our risks.

Untreated tap water is full of dangerous pollutants such as nitrate, arsenic, microorganisms and chemicals in pesticide runoff. Once the water enters the municipal treatment plant, many pollutants will be removed. However, one of the most dangerous pollutants is actually added to drinking water as part of the treatment process.

Chlorine, as a cheap and effective disinfectant for drinking water, is also a known poison for human body. It is no coincidence, of course, that chlorine was used as a weapon in the first world war with lethal effects. As we all know, this kind of thing can burn lungs and other body tissues seriously when inhaled; when inhaled through mouth, it is also powerful. Every day, when we use unfiltered tap water, we actually pour bleach into the water before drinking.

The residual chlorine in the tap water is removed by the activated carbon in the water purifier. This kind of activated carbon exists in the water filter cartridge of most water purifiers. To remove the residual chlorine in the water is a basic process for the water purifier to filter out the harmful substances in the raw water! And RO water filter has better removing effect of the chlorinated water.

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