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What Size RV Water Filter Do You Need?

  • Published by admin July 13,2020

    When living in a RV, one of the people's biggest concerns about healthy life is how to acquire fresh filtered water. At home, you have a water source, usually a tap, from which all your water is taken to your home. In the RV, you have to connect to a different water source every time you move. So people live in RV are desire to find the best RV water filter. When purchasing the RV water filter , will you choose the large size or small size water filter?

    An important consideration in determining the best RV water filter for your situation is to assess your current water pressure. The larger the filter, the greater the flow. If your water flow is too large, it may damage the piping system, but if the water flow is too weak, you don't have enough water pressure to bathe and wash dishes.

    This means that in some cases, you may need a smaller filter, while in other cases, a larger filter depends on your water pressure regulation.

    RV water filters (and general filters) are micron sized. Micron scale refers to how small particles are allowed to pass through the filter. The smaller the micron or submicron level is, the more pollutants will be filtered out.

    Another possible problem is that after the purification process, the filter may be blocked by pollutants, which will also significantly reduce the water flow. Therefore, in case of serious water pollution, a larger filtration system may be your best choice. If the water demand is general and the use frequency of RV is not high, small size RV water filter can be selected.

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