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What are the carbon water filters?

Published by admin November 29,2021

According to the different manufacturing technique of the filter cartridge, the carbon water filter can be divided into two kinds, one is the Carbon Block Filter Cartridge(CTO), the other is Granular Activated Carbon Filter Cartridge(GAC). However the two types of carbon water filter both can filter out the residual chlorine, unpleasant odor, color, spore and remove microorganisms in the water.


Carbon water filter (CTO)

The Carbon water Filter (CTO) is extruded or sintered by quality activated carbon or NSF certified high density activated carbon and harmless adhesive as main materials. A layer of non-woven fabric is wrapped on both side of the carbon water filter, to protect the carbon core does not fall their carbon powder. The ash content of carbon water filter is controlled to be the lowest to retain more effective micro-pores. The large surface area has a tremendous capacity to absorb Chlorine, unpleasant odor, color and remove microorganisms. The coconut shell activated carbon water filter has a better filtration effect to the chemicals such as THM'S.


The advantage of Carbon water filter (CTO)

Because Carbon water filter has abundant micropores, it not only has good adsorption effect, but also has interception effect on relatively large impurities. After special process treatment, except for a little black water in the first use of Carbon water filter it will not appear in future use, and it will not cause secondary pollution due to adsorption. Carbon water filter removal efficiency is high, the specific surface area is large, can fully contact with the water flow, high efficiency and no waste. What’s more, the raw material of carbon water filter also has a certain role of PP count.

carbon water filter

Carbon water filter (GAC)

The Carbon water filter (GAC) is using NSF certified granular activated carbon as material, so the filter cartridge is good at removing objectionable taste, Chlorine and microorganisms. The activated carbon water filter cartridge has been processed by acid-washing and wind-selection and the end caps are fixed with special PP layer instead of general non-woven cloth. So no carbon fines releasing from the filter cartridge, at the same time, it keeps a high flow.


The advantage of Carbon water filter (GAC)

Granular activated carbon water filter has developed pore structure, large specific surface area and strong adsorption capacity. Activated carbon has good chemical stability, so the granular activated carbon water filter is odorless, sandless and insoluble in any solvents. The granular activated carbon water filter integrates adsorption, filtration, interception, and catalysis. It can remove 99% of chlorine, pigments, heavy metals, radioactive substances, etc.


How to choose the right activated carbon water filter?

First of all, it should be clear that no matter what kind of activated carbon water filter is selected, bacteria will grow after a period of use. This problem is inevitable. However, the gap between the carbon particles of the granular activated carbon water filter is very large, and the contact with the water flow is not sufficient, which will affect the filtering effect. The compressed activated carbon water filter element is generally placed in front of the RO membrane, and its main function is to filter the residual chlorine leaked by the granular activated carbon water filter again,but the water flow is slow.

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