How to Reuse Water Filter Cartridges?

Published by admin August 08,2023

The water filter cartridges used in water filtration systems are expendables and they can not last forever. Every time a water filter cartridge’s efficiency decreases, it’s time to rinse it and prolong the filter cartridge's service life.

how to reuse water filter cartridges


What Makes The Efficiency Decreases?

Among most reusable water filter cartridges, string wound sediment filter and pleated water filter are two commonly-see types. They are two popular filter cartridges for domestic water filtration, especially for well water purification. Unlike municipal tap water, well water source contains much more large particles and substances like gravel, debris and leaves. Water filter cartridges in a well water filtration system intercept those big impurities effectively. After long period of filtration time, impurities will block the filter cartridge severely or slightly and then decrease its efficiency, result in slow water flow rate. When you notice decreased water flow or bad water clarity, it reminds you to rinse and clean the water filter cartridge to make it reusable.


Steps of Rinse Water Filter Cartridges

Firstly, remove the sediment water filter cartridge from the canister filter housing. Left the O-ring aside and don’t make the parts mixed or messy. Secondly, use cold water flush the filter housings carefully, make sure no extra large particles stick onto it. Thirdly, soak and rinse the sediment filter cartridge slowly and repeatedly until the water becomes relatively clear and clean.


Why We need to Reuse Water Filter Cartridges?

Like what I wrote the first words, filter efficiency and water quality may decrease after a long time of filtration. Moreover, cleaning of sediment water filter cartridges also helps homeowners spend less on maintenance of their home water filtration systems.


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