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Why say should look at the filter after purifier is installed 3-6 month?

Published by admin July 13,2020

   Have you open the water purifier we use every day? A complete set of water purifier is composed of filter elements with different functions, water we drink is purified through layers of filters, so it can be said that when the water purifier first started working. The filters then began its purification journey. Layer by layer of filter blocks harmful substances such as bacteria, chlorine and heavy metals in the water. Only pure water molecules can pass the test smoothly, but the filters belongs to consumable material. When its service life fails to reach the filtration function, in order to ensure the quality of the water discharged from the water purifier, we need to replace the filters regularly at that time.

                                    osmosis water purifier

  From the filters in water purifier by original clean white gradually become brown, black. Now let's say the importance and necessity of replacing the filters of water purifier regularly and timely. For a water purifier, one of the core components is the filters, the safe operation of each level of filters are the prerequisite to ensure the safety and health of drinking water quality. Now some businesses claim that the water purifier does not need to replace the filters, which is a lie, each filter has its own life.Do not replace for a long time, so that the filters in the ultra-long "service" state, not only to the operation of the whole machine safety damage, your drinking water safety can not be guaranteed.

   General formal water purifier manufacturers, according to the corresponding model will give the recommended time for filter replacement, such as my company's water purifier filter , filtration life is 3-6 months. Of course, when replacing the filters, we should consider such factors comprehensively: different regions have different water quality and different users have different water consumption. We should make overall planning according to these factors.

   So, through the exposition of this article, do you understand? Installation of water purifier is not once and for all, filter is the core of water purifier, we must pay attention to the replacement.

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