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Why to say best filter pitcher bring convenient life?

Published by admin January 18,2021

Often heard a sentence: "water is the source of life", because water accounts for about 70% of the adult body weight, adequate water is conducive to the timely elimination of metabolites, accelerate blood circulation, but also can increase immunity, improve the body's antioxidant function. Therefore, it is not polite to say that in order to have a healthy body, you must drink healthy and pure water.

best water filter pitcher remove fluoride

Based on this, people's homes have installed water purifiers, water purifiers can give us pure water, but because the water purifier needs to be installed in the kitchen, is fixed, can not be moved at will. But the best filter pitcher, has the light weight, the small volume, more convenient superiority, therefore people gradually like it. The filtered water in the kettle is very fresh, tastes better, and the price is very cheap. Moreover, the tea and coffee brewed are more sweet and delicious. Of course, you can also cook or wash fruits and vegetables, so we can say that the role of best filter pitcher is very big. The filter also has filtration life , of course, are generally four weeks, 40 gallons, it depends on water quality and the level of contaminants.

There are five kinds of best filter pitcher developed by our company, including JFC001,JFC001A, JFC002, JFC002A and JFC002B, these filters are compatible with the Brita pitcher. The filter material is NSF certified natural coconut shell activated carbon can remove Chlorine, color, she, Voc, THM 's can reduce lime scales, soften water, the company continuously explore after 18 years of research, has developed a series of filter, like refrigerator filter, air filter, coffee machine filter, swimming pool filter, faucet filter and shower filter, rv water filter, portable filter and whole house water filtration, etc., it can meet the needs of different consumers.

With the company of best filter pitcher, our daily life will become more safe, healthy, convenient and fast, bringing new vitality to our life!


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