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Why say "overnight water" is bad for your health?

Published by admin July 31,2020

For most people, brushing their teeth and washing their face after getting up in the morning is the beginning activities of a day. Some people even drink water or cook food directly. But do you know, the "overnight water" in the faucet is harmful to our health.

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Why say that?Tap water from faucets and hoses left standing overnight reacts with the walls of faucets and hoses to form contaminated water that may contain legionella pneumophila and lead and residual microorganisms.Of  course, if there is a inferior faucet used in the home, the lead level in the "overnight water" is dangerously high.

Many people may wonder what legionella pneumophila is. What's harm to health? What 's harmful of lead to our bodies? Legionella pneumophila causes pneumonia-legionella pneumonia, the most severe form of atypical pneumonia, with a fatality rate of up to 45% if left untreated. Especially pregnant women, the elderly, and people with low immune function are at high risk, with fatigue, weakness, fever, abdominal pain, and severe respiratory failure.What about lead? What are the risks? Expert introduction says, lead poisoning  has acute and chronic kinds: acute toxic expression is disgusting, vomiting, the mouth has metallic flavour, abdomen wringing is painful, breath becomes slow, convulsive, etc. Chronic lead poisoning is characterized by palpitation, shortness of breath, greying of the face, blackening of the nails and teeth, etc. It usually occurs in children aged two to three years with an incubation period of two to six months.So it can be said that overnight water does a lot of harm to our bodies.

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