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  Why say that water better than gifts?

  • Published by admin July 31,2020

    Often watching TV definitely seen a advertising is " New Year's day doesn't accept a gift," believes everyone is not unfamiliar. As people more and more increasingly rich, people also pay more and more attention to health problems, but looking at all kinds of wide variety of gifts, It may not work for parents at all, so why not take a different approach and bring the water to home that everyone needs?

    water treatment systems

    Isn't there water in the faucet at home? I believe there are many people must say so, but did you drink water safety? I believe you dare not say so. But if we had a whole-house water treatment system in our house, we wouldn't have to worry about drinking water or using water. It is known that most of our city's water supply pipe network was laid in the 1960s to 1980s. The pipes were old, the inner walls were rusted and corroded, parasites and bacteria were breeding, and the tap water was seriously polluted. And you may not know this thing, tap water boiled, can only kill bacteria and other microorganisms, and the water rust, sediment, odor and heavy metal ions and other pollutants will still exist.If drink, the toxin in water can enter human body along with food, and accumulate inside body, cause all sorts of diseases. So more and more people have realized the importance of safe drinking water. Some people say that safe drinking water is not enough, why to say the using water? This is because the water we use is less and less safe.Owners of some housing estate found that there is A rash was found after bathing, after the understanding of water from the vicinity of the industrial zone, it can be seen that water we also want to pay attention to the safety of using water.

    But as long as installed with the water treament system, the problem will be solved. The whole house water treatment system is composed of  Filter housing, PP sediment melt blown filter cartridges, activated carbon block filter cartridges, granular activated carbon filter cartridges, PP sediment string wound filter cartridges and pleated filter cartridges。

    Now let me introduce to you the components of the whole house water treatment system. One is water filter housings are compatible with whole house water filter cartridges. The hosing is food grade material, has strong structure, high pressure resistance and no leakage.  And two is PP sediment melt blown filter cartridges, the filter is NSF42 certified by WQA Gold Seal. The filter has three layers. Micron rate differs from outside to inside. Outer layer is 10 micron, middle layer is 7 micron. Inner layer is 5 micron. By this way, the filter not only has bigger dirty capacity, but also assure the filtration effects. The filter has an absolute micron rate-5 micron, which means the particle removal rate can be 95% or over. General filter only have Nominal Micron Rate. While like PP10BB-CC, the outer layer is 75 micron, middle layer is 50 micron, inner layer is 25 micron, and the filter has an absolute micron rate-25 micron. The inside is granular activated carbon made by natural coconut Shell. Coconut Shell activated carbon does not contain heavy metals that general coal activated carbon may have, and have good effect to remove THM's. Three is carbon block filter cartridge. The filter is extruded or sintered by quality activated carbon or NSF certified high density activated carbon and harmless adhesive as main materials. The large surface area has a tremendous capacity to absorb Chlorine, unpleasant odor, color, spore, and remove microorganisms. The coconut shell activated carbon filter cartridge ahs a better filtration effect to the chemicals such as THM's. The four is granular activated carbon filter. The activated carbon the filter cartridge used has been processed by acid-washing and wind-selection and the end caps are fixed with special PP layer instead of general non-woven clth. So no carbon fines releasing from the filter cartridge, at the same time, it keeps a high flow. The five one is Polypropylene string-wound filter, using 100% food grade PP as material, the filter cartridge contains no wetting agents, solvents, antistatic agents or binders, each micron rate has its string pattern to ensure the filtration effect. The six one is pleated filter cartridges. The filter is made of PP, PVDF, PES or N6. It has a big surface area and good dirt-holding capacity. The body is sweating soldered and no binder or adhesive added. It is widely applied in the production of pure water, medicine, organic solvents, etc.

    With the protection of the whole house water treatment system, our drinking water and water will be more secure!

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