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Why say that it is more convenient to play during the holidays?

Published by admin July 31,2020

To call a friend at home to prepare to get together a few days ago, a friend said the family have drove to Hainan for holiday, this is the development trend of the past few years. During the spring festive holiday, driving travel together with the family to southern area is more and more welcome, for their peacetime work is too busy, and have no spare time with the family. But when it comes to travel, we should consider the problem of drinking water, after all, going out is not very convenient, if we can drink clean and pure water anytime and anywhere, is it reduce a lot of trouble for our travel life? But is this possible? Yes, of course, if the car with portable water purification system, all this is not a problem.

RV filter

With portable water purification system , we don't have to worry about drinking water, even if our car is dirty, and we don't have to look for a place to wash our car. As long as we are close to a stream or a small river, even a small mud ditch is ok. Many people may not believe that the filter is really so amazing. Of course, there is no doubt. This is determined by the media of portable water purification system.

The Filter Media of portable water purification system is UF Filter and Heavy Metals & Bacteria Reduction Filter. UF Filter can reduce 99.9999% of water borne bacteria. Remove all the particles with the size of 0.01 micron or over. And Heavy Metals & Bacteria Reduction Filter, Made by NSF Certified Natural Coconut Shell Activated Carbon, can remove over 90% heavy metals, remove over 97% bacteria, and remove 99% Chlorine.  While RV water filters, the filter media of this filters is KDF55 and NSF Certified Natural Coconut Shell Activated Carbon, KDF55 can remove Chorine, Pesticides and Heavy Metals, inhibits the growth of Microorganisms. And NSF Certified Natural Coconut Shell Activated Carbon can remove Chlorine, odor, color, Voc, THM’s.

portable water purification system

It can be seen that with the existence of portable water purification system, the filters can purify the water in streams, streams and even muddy channels, and purify all the bacteria and heavy metals that affect our health, so that we can drink pure water. For more and more people like to embrace nature, like outdoor activities, because of its light, easy to carry, can be used at any time, so everyone's welcome  as soon as they are  launched . Everyone has a strong interest in the product, at the same time, they are interested in our company who can produce such high-end products, my company - Tianjin Yunda industry & Trade Co., Ltd founded in 2001, we not only have like PP,PPW there also have many other products,like RWF,CMF,JFC , welcome you come to visit our factory at any time!

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