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The Good Water Quality in Switzerland Still Brings Troubles to the Local Area?

Published by admin July 31,2020

Switzerland is a country located in Europe. Due to its small land area, its natural resources are not so rich. However, Switzerland has sufficient water resources. It is known as "the country of water tower" in Europe. The proportion of water resources accounts for about 6% of the whole European water resources. In Switzerland, there are many rivers and lakes, and many public places have fountains. With the global warming, a large number of glaciers melting, Switzerland's water reserves have been increasing.

There are many lakes in Switzerland. The biggest lake is Lake nashtel. There is also a very large Geneva Lake at the junction of Switzerland and France. The lake water is very clear. In the summer sunshine, you can see the bottom of the lake almost at a glance. Besides lakes, Switzerland has many rivers. The Rhine is the longest river in Switzerland, flowing through many countries, from the Netherlands to the North Sea. There are also many spectacular waterfalls in Switzerland, such as Rhine waterfall. The water flow is huge. The waterfalls hit the rocks and splashed all over the sky. People who come and go will be shocked.

Switzerland has a large number o f water resources. The drinking water mainly comes from spring water, groundwater and lakes in mountain streams. The proportion of water sources in different areas is also different. Most areas close to lakes rely on lake water, while the main water source in areas close to valleys is mountain spring water. With such abundant water resources, Swiss people have not wasted them wantonly. Instead, they have become the best country in the world to protect water resources. The lakes and rivers in Switzerland are very clean, and the local residents have consciously developed a good habit of caring for water resources. As the water quality is very good, Switzerland's tap water does not need to be disinfected at all. 95% of Swiss residents drink tap water at home, turn on the tap to directly drink raw water, and do not need to use a water purifier. The water in fountains and pools built in the city has reached the drinking standard, and the elderly and children can be seen to drink the water in public places.

Swiss people are good at using the natural advantages and carrying out many kinds of water sports. In summer, the major lakes are the first choice for tourists to travel. According to the survey, Swiss people who can't swim are very few, only about 5% of the total population. Even many foreign tourists like to travel to Switzerland in the hot season. On the one hand, Switzerland has a good climate, which is suitable for summer; on the other hand, Switzerland has a lot of water resources, which can enjoy the pleasure of water sports.

Switzerland's water is so clean that no one should worry about it. But in fact, too pure water can cause some problems. Because the water in Switzerland is very pure, and the content of phosphorus in the water is very small, and phosphorus is an essential component for the growth of aquatic plants, the lack of phosphorus will cause the growth of plants to slow down, and the fish and other creature in the water will lack food, and the quantity will slowly decrease. It seems that the water quality too good can also cause trouble!

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