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The Relationship Of Good Water And Health Of Human

Published by admin September 17,2020

Healthy and safe water can enhance the body's immune ability, which is conducive to the promotion of cell metabolism. The diseased cells in the body also lose the conditions of malignant transformation and toxin diffusion. The probability of getting sick is naturally reduced. Therefore, attention to medical treatment is concerned. At the same time, we must supplement our water and health, and strive to create a healthy living environment for the cells. Therefore, cherish health, please pay attention to healthy drinking water and water purification!

water and health

However, many people do not know what is healthy and good water, and they are very upset about choosing what to drink. Dr. Martin Fox, the famous American health drinking expert, "Healthy Water", Dr. Batman, "Water is the best medicine", "Water can cure this disease", Dr. Lin Xiuguang, "Death in Water", etc. Good water should have the following characteristics:
1, non-toxic, sterile, no pollutants, no harmful substances
There should be no toxic or harmful substances such as residual chlorine, rust, sediment, red worms, heavy metals and organic compounds in the water.
2, the amount of oxygen, taste good, can drink directly
Water in nature is a flowing "live water" rather than a stationary "dead water." As the saying goes, the water does not rot, the hub is not sturdy, and the flowing water is the active water with vitality. This water is sufficient for oxygen and is good for life. The oxygen content of good water is (about 5mg/L).
3, the hardness of water is moderate
The total hardness of water is the content of calcium and magnesium ions in water. China's national standard is ≤450mg/L.
4,mineral trace elements are moderate
Good water and health have close relationship. Good water must contain a certain amount of minerals and trace elements, and these minerals such as calcium and magnesium should exist in an ionic state, which is beneficial to the body's absorption.

water and health

5. The pH of water is weakly alkaline.
The blood pH of a healthy person is between 7.35 and 7.45. If the body fluid tends to be acidic, the effect of human cells will be worse, the waste will not be easily discharged, the burden on the kidney and liver will increase, and the metabolism will be slow. The function of the organs is weakened and it is easy to get sick. People with body fluids are very tired and aging is accelerated.
6, the molecular mass of water should be small
The molecular cluster of water is generally detected by a nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer. Above 100HZ is macromolecular water, such as tap water. Below 100HZ is small molecule water.
7, the physiological function of water is strong
The physiological function of good water is strong, and it must have penetration, solvency, metabolism and so on. This is also very important.

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