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So Many Benefits Of Drinking Softened Water For Body

Published by admin October 20,2020

Daily life water can be divided into hard water and soft water. Soft water refers to water that contains no or less soluble calcium and magnesium compounds. Soft water is not easy to produce soap scum with soap, but hard water is the opposite. Drinking softened water has a lot of benefits for humans. Some people choose the soften water purifier to improve the taste and quality of drinking water.

drinking softened water

We usually use the "hardness" indicator in the water to indicate the content of calcium and magnesium ions. A hardness of 1 degree corresponds to 10 mg of calcium oxide per liter of water. Water below 8 degrees is called soft water, hard water above 17 degrees is called hard water, and between 8 and 17 degrees is called moderate hard water.
Natural soft water generally refers to river water, river water, lake (fresh water lake) water, natural water, rain water and snow water are soft water, and common distilled water. Spring water, deep well water, sea water, rivers, rivers, and lake water are all hard water.

drinking softened water

The advantages of soft water:
1.Soft water tea, with the taste of spring water. Drinking softened water feels better and better than tap water;
2.Soft water bathing, grooming to make the hair smooth, delicate skin;
3.Soft water laundry, saving 50%~80% of various detergents;
4.Soft water reduces the wear of the clothes, makes the clothes soft after washing, and the color stays longer;
5.Soft water to reduce water heater maintenance and repair;
6.Soft water to reduce the maintenance and repair of the pipeline;
7.Soft water reduces the generation of sanitary ware.

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