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Swimming - leading the Spring Festival new fashion sports

Published by admin July 10,2020

Just after the Spring Festival, I think there must be a lot of people took part in various activities, because people have no time to exercise at ordinary times.  During the holidays, to participate in some beneficial movement of the body, is also more and more choice of people. Like climbing a mountain, climbing the Great Wall, of course, people don't want to go to outdoor, just choose to swim, swimming regularly, is also good to our body, so let the children learn to swim during the holiday are also more and more popular. But is the swimming pool of water safety and health? More and more parents are also worried about this problem, but if the swimming pool inside the filter, I think we do not have to worry about this problem!

Some people may ask, what is the role of swimming pool water filter?  Swimming pool water filter have these functions: Easily and efficiently captures dirt particles, greater volume dirt holding capacity, and higher filtration after cleaning. And the PLF Plus Series also can inhibit bacteria.

swimming pol water filter

But why does the swimming pool water filter have these functions? This is determined by the structure of the swimming pool water filter. Made with 100% TAIPENG filtration fabric(a superior reinforce polyester). Filter effect >95%. Have large filtration area and dirt holding capacity, at the same time the filter has great flow and long service life. PLF PLUS series, are made with Antimicrobial fabric, maintains original filtration function, effectively inhibits bacteria at the same time. Strong inner core assure a high pressure resistance(some models include a center support for extra strength and durability).  High Impact End Caps with Anti-microbiological material resist chlorine degradation, provide support to filter material for a longer service life. Stretch and break resistant pleat bands, and uniformly placed weld spots, make filtration fabric more stronger. Customized is welcome for filter cartridges with all the micron rates and sizes and fabric weight.

best pool filter

With the protection of the swimming pool water filter, the water in the swimming pool will become very safe. Therefore, during the holidays, I often swim with my family, which can not only exercise my body, but also relax my nervous system. Besides, it is of great benefit to shape my body.

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