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Why does it change our lives?

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  • Published by admin July 13,2020

    I'm sure you're all in a fog, but what is it? How can we have so much power to change our lives? In fact, it's no exaggeration to say that every household needs it now. What is it? RO Water, of course.

    purified water

    Some people may not be convinced, RO Water, have such a big role? Are these facts clear to you? The harm of water pollution to human health has attracted worldwide attention. According to the investigation of the state environmental protection administration, a number of water pollution accidents have taken place in China in recent years. And the tap water that we drink at ordinary times, used chlorine to purify water in production process, although can kill the harmful material such as pathogenic microorganism, but add chlorine itself to be able to cause new chemical pollution again. Chlorine can form trichloromethane , a carcinogen, with organic matter in water. In fact, in the pipe network of tap water, the transportation distance of pipes is very long, and the pipes are old and rusty, and the cisterns of urban high-rise buildings and buildings are not clean or used all the year round without disinfection, which may cause secondary pollution. Secondary pollution causes bacteria, viruses and algae to multiply. In addition, the original chlorine and chloride, rust, heavy metals, radioactive substances make the tap water turbid and smelly. Do you think it's an exaggeration to say that every family needs it?

    So for the sake of your health and that of your family, it's important to have a RO Water, in your home. At present, the water quality in all parts of China has some potential safety hazards. For example, the water quality in the north is generally hard, while the heavy metal in the south exceeds the standard. And water purifier is aimed at different areas, targeted purification, so that the indicators of drinking water in line with the health requirements.

    Why install a  RO Water,? Of course, it is to improve our drinking water. It can be drunk raw after installing a water purifier. Of course, it can also replace the bottled water, because it is cheaper, more sanitary and healthier.

    So what does a RO Water do?

    1. Can remove all organic and inorganic pollutants (such as: sand, water red worms, rust, etc.).

    2. Remove excess minerals and soften water quality.

    3. The water filtered by the water purifier is small molecule water, which plays an active role and is easily absorbed by the body and can enhance the vitality of the body.

    If our bodies regularly drink impure water, it will increase the burden on the body organs, which is equivalent to chronic suicide. There is a saying that "water is the source of life". According to the world health organization, 80% of human diseases and 33% of deaths are related to drinking water sanitation. It can be seen that healthy and pure water is of great importance to our health. So don't try water on yourself. A  RO Water, can protect the health of the whole family.

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