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Three Mainly Kinds of String Wound Filter Cartridges

  • Published by admin July 13,2020

    String wound filter cartridge is a kind of deep filter cartridge, which is used for filtration with low viscosity and impurity content. It is made of PP string or absorbent cotton string wound on the porous framework according to specific accuracy and density. Its string materials include polypropylene fiber, acrylic fiber, absorbent cotton fiber, etc. By controlling the tightness and density of diamond pattern structure of string winding, the water filter cartridge with different precision can be made. The water filter cartridge has a honeycomb structure with outer sparse and inner dense, which can effectively remove the suspended matters, particles, rust and other impurities in the fluid, and has very good filtering performance.

    Product features of string wound filter cartridge: 

    1. Wide selection of filter materials and core materials to ensure superior performance;

    2. High filtering accuracy, small pressure difference, large flow rate and high pollution absorption capacity;

    3. Long service life, saving transportation cost;

    4. Extensive chemical tolerance;

    5. Gradient pore structure, small inside and large outside filtering pore, effectively removing particles of different sizes;

    We usually use the following three classic string wound filter cartridge for comparison: PP string with PP core, PP string with SS core, absorbent cotton strings with SS core.

    The operating temperature range of PP string with PP core and PP string with SS core are 4℃-52℃; absorbent cotton strings with SS core’s range is 4℃-120℃, whose highest temperature is much higher than the first two, and more advantageous in filtering boiling water. The max operation pressure of PP string with SS core and absorbent cotton strings with SS core is the same, 110psi; PP string with PP core's is 60psi, which is lower than the other two. So in terms of performance, absorbent cotton strings with SS core is the best among the three.

    The filtration life of standard model and "Big Blue" model of these three kinds of string wound filter cartridges are 3-6months/3500G and 4-6 month/6500G;

    The max flow of standard model and "Big Blue" model of these three kinds of string wound filter cartridges are 5GPM and 11GPM(1.5-2kg/cm²).

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