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How Do You Maintain Spa Filter Cartridge of Swimming Pool?

Published by admin July 31,2020

Hot summer has arrived, temperature increases dramatically and the body feels like it's going to melt. In this hot weather, everyone wants to jump into the pool and enjoy the cool feeling. But have you changed swimming water pool spa filter cartridge?

Again? People may think that they have changed the pool filter cartridge not long ago.

Many replacements can only bring more boredom, so learning how to maintain the filter can save a lot of trouble. Maintenance of spa filter cartridge can also effectively prolong the life of filter, improve water quality and reduce operating costs, which can be said to have great benefits.

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Well, how to maintain the filter? Following are some answers.

1. The filter cartridge of spa will hang impurities on the surface. It is recommended that the spa water filter cartridge be cleaned outside every time, and it is better to have two filter cartridges for replacement when cleaning.

2. When cleaning the filter element, the surface of the spa filter cartridge can be smeared with salt, and then immersed in clean water for about half an hour. Finally, rinse it with clean water.

3. The stubborn impurities in spa filter cartridges can be washed with high-pressure water gun and toothpaste to achieve a cleaner effect.

4. The replacement period of the filter cartridge is 4-6 months, depending on the water quality and the number of people used and the cleaning of the swimming pool.

5. Sometimes it is found that the water quality turns yellow and green, which may be the cause of the pipeline. It is suggested that the pipeline be cleaned when the spa filter cartridge is cleaned.

6. When the filter cartridge of spa is seriously discolored, yellowed and blackened, and the accumulated impurities exceed the load, the filter cartridge should be replaced as soon as possible.

  spa water filter, Sap filter cartridge, pool filter cartridge replacement     

Have you mastered the maintenance skills of spa filter cartridge? Hope that the above points can help people to complete the maintenance of the filter cartridge of the swimming pool, thus ensuring the cleanliness of the water quality of the swimming pool, so that people and their families, friends can enjoy a pleasant and cool summer time together.

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