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Mind refrigerator food health in the hot summer!

Published by admin July 13,2020

In the summer, the temperature gradually rises, and the refrigerator becomes an essential artifact for heatstroke prevention and cooling. The cold drinks, fruits and ice cream taken out from the refrigerator are so cool. Which really make you happy. However, sometimes this kind of refrigerator food health problem can lead to "fridge disease."
"Fridge disease" refers to gastrointestinal adverse reactions such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, and vomiting that occur after eating food stored in the refrigerator in an inappropriate manner. On the one hand, the temperature of the food taken out from the refrigerator is quite different from the temperature of the human body. If it is eaten fast, it can cause vasoconstriction reflexively, reduce blood flow, cause physiological dysfunction, induce headache, paroxysmal cramps in the upper abdomen, nausea and vomiting. And other symptoms.
On the other hand, many people are accustomed to think that the refrigerator is a "safety box". It is safe to store food. Whether it is raw or cooked food, the food placed in the refrigerator will not spoil. This idea is wrong! In fact, there are abundant kinds of microorganisms in the refrigerator. Some psychrophilic bacteria can grow in low temperature and low oxygen environment. The storage of food in the refrigerator becomes an important source of pollution. If food is not eaten properly, it may cause foodborne diseases. 

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How to prevent "fridge disease"
1. Put it for a while
Foods taken out of the refrigerator, such as cold drinks, cold foods, etc., should be stored at room temperature for a period of time before consumption. For foods that can be heated, such as cooked food, they should be thoroughly cooked before eating.
2. People with low immunity should eating ice less
Children, pregnant women, the elderly, people with low immunity, and those with weak spleen and stomach and poor digestion ability should pay special attention to it. It is best to eat less or not to eat cold drinks or cold food.
3. Regularly clean the refrigerator
The refrigerator should be cleaned and sterilized regularly, and it is recommended to be used once a week in summer. The correct process is to power off, empty, thoroughly clean the inside of the refrigerator with baking soda or detergent and air dry. Note: Do not leave a dead angle, the rubber seals and gaps on the refrigerator door should also remember to clean!
4. Food partition placement
The refrigerator food should be classified into sections, separated from raw and cooked, to prevent cross-contamination. It can be packaged in plastic bags, plastic wrap or crisper. Refrigerator air filter is a good choice for air purification.
5. Check the quality of food before eating
The refrigerator is not a safe! The storage time of the refrigerator food should not be too long. Before eating, check the quality of the food and try to eat fresh food.

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