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It is our duty for protection of water resources

Published by admin July 13,2020

The purpose of World Water Day is to arouse the public's protection of water resources. To meet the demand for water in people's daily life, business and agriculture, the United Nations has long been committed to addressing the global water crisis caused by rising water demand. The "United Nations Water Conference" held in 1977 issued a serious warning to the world: water will soon become a profound social crisis, and the next crisis after the oil crisis is water. On January 18, 1993, the forty-seventh session of the UN General Assembly made a resolution to determine March 22 of each year as "World Water Day."
In order to alleviate the contradiction between water supply and demand worldwide, according to the principle of water resources protection, development and management in Chapter 18 of UN Agenda 21, on January 18, 1993, the 17th UN General Assembly adopted Resolution 193. It was decided to start from 1993 and determine March 22 of each year as "World Water Day". The resolution draws on governments to carry out specific publicity activities on this day in accordance with their national conditions to raise public awareness.

Although the earth's water storage is very rich, there are as many as 1.45 billion cubic kilometers. However, seawater accounts for 97.2%, and terrestrial freshwater accounts for only 2.8%. Freshwater such as rivers, freshwater lakes and shallow groundwater, which are the closest to human life, account for only 0.34% of freshwater reserves. What is even more worrying is that this very limited amount of fresh water is increasingly polluted. Human activities can cause large amounts of industrial, agricultural and domestic waste to be discharged into the water, contaminating the water. In 2013, more than 420 billion cubic meters of sewage was discharged into rivers and lakes every year, polluting 5.5 trillion cubic meters of fresh water, which is equivalent to more than 14% of the total global runoff. And still increasing, expanding and accumulating.
Water conservation is everyone's responsibility:
1 Address issues related to drinking water supply.
2 Increase public awareness of the importance of protecting water and drinking water supplies.
3 Strengthen the participation and cooperation of governments, international organizations, non-governmental organizations and the private sector through the organization of World Water Day activities.


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