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How Is The Household Water Filter Structure?

Published by admin July 13,2020

Although there are many types of filter elements, the water filter structure is mainly composed of end caps, skeletons, filter materials and seals. Special structures need to be added according to special structural requirements. The structural features and functions are as follows:

filter structure

1, end cap
Features: (1) For stamping parts and machined parts, the main materials are stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, nylon and so on.
(2) There is a certain depth of glue injection tank. (determined by drawing)
(3) The end cap of the radial seal filter element needs an O-shaped groove, and the end cover of the axial seal filter element needs to be convenient to install the gasket.
(4) The surface treatment is spray coating, galvanizing, chrome plating, anodizing, and the like.
2, skeleton
The skeleton is divided into two types according to its function, which supports the skeleton and protects the skeleton. The difference between the two structures is mainly the difference in wall thickness, and the size and number of dense holes are different. (with drawings required)
Support skeleton
3, filter material
The filter material is mainly composed of a filter layer and a support layer. Filter materials are mainly divided into: activated carbon, silicon phosphorus crystal, KDF, ion exchange resin and the like. The support layer materials are mainly: galvanized mesh, stainless steel mesh, vegetable fiber paper, copper mesh, and the like.
4, the seal
Seals are mainly divided into: gaskets, seals, and shaped parts. Softer material with compressibility and elasticity. It is divided into radial seal and axial seal, and the effect is to ensure the tightness of the connection between the filter element and the filter.

filter structure

5, bypass valve
The bypass valve is also called a safety valve and is composed of a valve core, a valve body, a spring, a spring seat, a lifting lug and a retaining ring. When the pressure difference between the two sides of the valve reaches the specified value, the valve seat automatically opens, bypassing the working medium. Ensure the safety of the filter and ensure the safety of the entire system.
6, handle
The handle is generally made of metal and has a certain rigidity. It is convenient for the user to install and disassemble the filter element, and can also be used to press the filter core.
7, nylon cable ties, clamps, winding tape (PVC material)
These materials need only be used in situations where the system pressure is not pulsating, and the effect is to reduce the possible reverse deformation of the filter material. Keep the water filter structure material evenly spaced and the peaks are parallel.

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