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Popularization of Domestic Water Filter Knowledge Part2

Published by admin January 18,2021

How many types of domestic kitchen water filters are there?

According to the different installation position, the domestic kitchen water filters can be divided into three types: countertop water filter, wall mounted water filter and under sink water filter.

1. The water filter on the stage is generally placed on the kitchen sink, which is convenient for water output, but the water output is not as large as the water filter under the stage.

2. The wall mounted water filter is directly fixed on the wall, with beautiful design and appearance. However, if the kitchen area is small, the location of the water filter should be taken into consideration when designing the size of the cupboard.

3. The under cabinet water filter is simple to install, and the filter water operation is fast. Another advantage is that the design is reasonable and does not occupy space. Perfect use of kitchen space.

How to judge whether the water filter manufacturer is regular?

With NSF, this is basically the highest level authoritative international certification of water filter. For example, only NSF certification has the most stringent testing standards for the water filter's promised functions of removing heavy metals and VOC. If some water filters claim to have these functions but do not have NSF certification, you should be careful. Another tip is to see if the product has been used by well-known customers - if some large chain restaurants and hotels are using it, you can rest assured.

Choose the domestic water filter with tank or without tank?

Generally speaking, the domestic water filter with tank is certainly cheaper than the one without tank of the same brand, but it will also take up more space. If the space in your kitchen is originally compact, it's not convenient to have a bucket, and it also involves the problem of secondary pollution; but there is another advantage to have a tank. If you encounter a sudden water cut, you won't at a loss like the one without a tank.

The space occupied by no tank water filter is small, even if it is not installed under the cabinet, it will be more beautiful. However, the RO membrane of it is generally larger than 400g, which will definitely increase a lot of costs compared with 50g with tank. In addition, the opening frequency of solenoid valve and other components is high, and the sound of pump will be greater when working, but the secondary pollution of water storage tank need not be considered.

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