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Is the Cartridge of Water Filter Universal for All Models?

Published by admin September 21,2020

Water filter cartridge is an important accessory of water filter. Its material and technique quality and adaptability to the water filter determine the water filtration efficiency of the water filter. Therefore, the selection, purchase and use of cartridge of water filter should never be careless.

Generally, when the water filter products were purchased, and the cartridge of the water filter have been installed inside the machine, so it is unnecessary for users to purchase them separately. However, the cartridge of water filter is a "consumable" in water filter products, which must be replaced regularly, so many consumers are worried about replacing the filter cartridge.

Strictly speaking, the cartridge of water filter is not universal.

As the most important part of water filter, there are many kinds of cartridge, including PP cotton filter cartridge, granular activated carbon filter cartridge, CTO filter cartridge, hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane filter cartridge, RO reverse osmosis membrane filter cartridge, t33 filter cartridge, softened resin filter cartridge, energy stone filter cartridge, Maifan stone filter cartridge, etc. So many cartridges of water filter have different models, sizes, materials and compatibility. In addition,  cartridges of different brands of water filter have different design considerations in terms of modeling process and adaptability to water filters. Forced installation of filter cartridges can only backfire. Therefore, the cartridge of water filter is not universal.

However, the general water filter uses 10 inch ordinary PP cotton filter cartridge and 10 inch ordinary granular activated carbon filter cartridge or activated carbon block filter cartridge. These filter cartridges are universal, and their specifications are 10 "× 2.5". After confirming the compatibility, you can install and use them.

As one of the accessories of the water filter, the water filter cartridges' technique quality and adaptability to the water filter will directly determine the water purification effect of the water filter product and guarantee the healthy levels of drinking water. Therefore, if the cartridge of the water filter needs to be replaced, the function, model, brand compatibility and other factors of the filter cartridge shall be confirmed before purchase.

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