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Do you know about bathing?

Published by admin July 13,2020

Whether it is winter or summer, bathing is a happy thing, especially for children, bathing in the water while playing with toys, is a very happy thing.But do you know what you should pay attention to when you take a bath, before or after a meal?

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Taking a bath need to pay attention to things, first,when you are on an empty stomach, you take a shower, a lot of people think it 's dirty from outside, they'd like to take a shower first, then have a meal, but in fact is very bad to bathe on an empty stomach, low levels of glucose in the blood, can't meet the demand of energy, is prone to hypoglycemia, fatigue, dizziness, flustered, even collapse.


Taking a bath need to pay attention to things, take a bath immediately after the meal.Some people are used to taking a bath immediately after eating, which is also not good. Many office workers come home from work late, and they want to take a bath immediately after eating. Taking a bath immediately after eating will affect the digestion and absorption of food, and may also cause gastrointestinal diseases, serious symptoms such as heart ischemia.Therefore, it is suggested that the bath time should be about two hours after the meal. Taking a bath need to pay attention to things, and take a bath to sleep. Is this good or not good? Sleep immediately after a bath will affect the quality of sleep, because after the bath temperature will be increased, is not conducive to help sleep hormone "melatonin" secretion, and our hair is not completely dry, it is easy to have a headache.Still have the person takes a bath time too long, it is suggested to bubble bath time is 20 minutes commonly, shower is best in 5 minutes. Taking a bath need to pay attention to things,, and the bath time is not too long.Because bathing for too long will make the skin surface lose the protection of oil, the skin will also appear wrinkled, dehydration.Still have feel bath water is more hot had better, such also is bad, water temperature is too tall can destroy skin grease,  also can cause a burden to the heart, make the heart is short of blood anoxia.That winter, winter bath times a week 3-4 times is the best, take a bath too often will be the skin surface secretion of oil and normal parasitic on the skin surface of the protective bacteria washed away, easy to damage the cuticle, resulting in itchy skin. Taking a bath need to pay attention to things and strenuous exercise after the bath, vigorous exercise after the bath is easy to cause a lack of blood supply to the heart, brain.Take a bath after drinking also need special attention, take a bath after drinking, it is easy to cause dizziness, severe even cause shock, bath time is best to choose in about 2 hours after drinking.


Did you notice that there were times when you couldn't take a shower?Things like low blood pressure, or fever also need special attention, this time is very easy to take a shower accident.It can be seen that the correct bath, not only clean the body will make our body will be better and better, especially if using of our best shower filter, our skin will be better and better, we will also be more and more beautiful!


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