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Why say that with it swimming is more at ease in summer?

Published by admin July 13,2020

The weather is gradually warm, like swimming friends can swim freely, my company also in this spring season launched a new product swimming pool water filter .

Our company lanuched new products,swimming pool water filter- PLF SERIES and PLF PLUS SERIES,can easily and efficiently captures dirt particles, has great dirt holding capacity, and better filtration recovery. Further, the PLF PLUS SERIES also can inhibit bacteria.We launched four product lines, like 5inch, that is the outer diameter is 5'', like PLFPRB50-IN, PLFPRB25-IN, PLFPRB7B,PLFPRB35-IN. While 7inch, that is the outer diameter is 7'', like PLFC500A, PLF25A, PLFPJB40.Like 8inch diameter seies, that is the outer diameter is 8 15/16'', like PLFPWWPC125B, PLFPWWPC200. The 10inch diameter series , the outer diameter is 10 1/16'', like PLF150A, PLFPAP75. We also can support OEM customer.

What are the advantages of the new swimming pool water filter products? Using 100% TAIPENG Trilobal Filtration Fabric(a superior reinforce polyester), The filter has large filtration area and dirt holding capacity, at the same time the filter has great flow and long service life. PLF PLUS series, are made with TAIPENG Trilobal Antimicrobial Fabric, having the same filtration function, and effectively inhibiting bacteria.Strong inner core assure a high pressure resistance (big-size models include a center support for extra strength   and durability). High Impact End Caps with Anti-microbiological material, resist chlorine degradation, and provide support to filter material for a longer service life .Stretch and break-resistant pleat bands, and uniformly placed weld spots, make filtration fabric more stronger .Customized is welcome for filters with different sizes and fabric weight 3oz, 4oz.

swimming pool water purification systems

Yunda Filter established in 2001, is the biggest water filters and cartridges manufacturer in China. In 2017, Yunda produced and sold over 40 millions units of all kinds of water filters.Pool filter has advanced technology and technology. high impact end Caps with Anti-microbiological material, resist Chlorine degradation. Strong inner core assures a high pressure resistance and provides a great flow . TAIPENG Innovative Trilobal Fabric 50 Micron Rate . Big-size models include a center support for extra strength and durability . So please rest assured our customers, our products in the quality process technology can make our customers rest assured!

With the protection of swimming pool water filter, we will be more assured this summer!

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