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Taking Portable Water Filter Explore the Wild.

Published by admin July 09,2020

When you go camping and exploring wild, will you choose to take a backpacking water filter with you. If you have experienced the outdoor water quality, you will answer without hesitation and carry the outdoor water filter. The outdoor water filters indeed essential for the use to purifier the quality of wild water, so the backpacking water filter is also popular among outdoor adventurers.

backpacking water filter

why the outdoor adventurers like to carry backpacking water filter so much? That's because outdoor drinking water safety takes precedence over other issues when people in the wild. Water can not only solve the circulation problem of human body, but also help people remove harmful substances in time, and help people to carry out normal metabolism. It is an indispensable substance that people absorb every day.

One of the main characteristics of outdoor is that everything is exposed to air, animals, insects, trees, birds and animals. The situation in the wild is so fantastic and complex. The main source of water in the wild also depends on rivers and lakes, which are the main sources of drinking water for human beings and animals in the wild. It is conceivable how bad the water quality will be. How many bacteria will be contained in the water, and such water can never be directly drinkable.

That's why people take backpacking water filter to the wild. This outdoor water has strong water purification ability, easy to carry, can fully meet people's needs in the wild.

YW001-H portable water filter is the best backpacking water filter produced by our factory. It’s an Outdoor portable water filter for camping hiking travel including heavy metal reduction filter and drinking water bag, air ball, 60 inches silicon tube. The whole set of outdoor filter occupies very little space, and the quality is very light, which will not aggravate the burden of wild travel.

backpacking water filter

Although this backpack water filter occupies a small space, it has powerful functions. It can reduce 99.9999% of water borne bacteria. Removing particles with the size of 0.01 micron or over. Adapting NSF certified natural coconut shell activated carbon that can remove over 90 heavy metals, bacteria, chlorine etc.  

Effective removal of all kinds of harmful substances in water, will be filled with impurities of water into drinking harmless water. To ensure the health of outdoor drinking water. Next time don't forget to take this backpacking water filter to help solve your drinking problem in the wild.

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