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Best Water Filter Cartridge for Samsung Refrigerator

Published by admin July 31,2020

Samsung filter cartridge is the best fridge water filter that compatible for Samsung DA29-00020B refrigerator. As the best-selling explosion, this Samsung refrigerator water filter has been widely praised by consumers, and the order volume continues leading the top.

This best Samsung refrigerator filter cartridge has NSF42 certified by WQA, filter cartridge can effectively remove chlorine, color, odor, VOC, THM'S, etc. The reduction rate of chlorine rate tested by WQA is higher than 99.06%. Effective removal of residual chlorine, reduce the harm to human body.

Samsung filter cartridge

Tested by the third-party lab according to NSF53, Samsung filter cartridge can effectively remove unpleasant pesticides and herbicides. This best fridge filter can remove more than 95% Lindane, 85% Atrazine in the water. The reduction rate of 2.4-D, Toxaphene are higher than 86%.

These advantages why people choose this Samsung filter cartridge are only part of the function and characteristics of this best refrigerator water filter, it also has the following advantages and benefits.

Efficient removal of heavy metals. The reduction rate tested by SGS according to NSF53 standard. Arsenic reduction rate is higher than 87.8%, Copper and Chromium reduction rate are higher than 96.1%, Cadmium reduction rate is higher than 97.2%. The best removal rate of this  Samsung filter cartridge are Mercury and Lead which the rate is higher than 99%. The particulate reduction rate is higher than 99% which is tested by the third-party lab according to NSF53 standard.

Samsung filter cartridge

Based on the above data support, we can clearly understand the multiple advantages of this Samsung filter cartridge. As a manufacturer and wholesaler, we have full confidence in this refrigerator water filter product. This is the best water filter for Samsung 2533000 refrigerator. We hope to cooperate with you.

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