Robotic Pool Cleaner

Cordless rechargeable robotic pool vacuum cleaner. 100 minutes continuous working, 1000 SQ.FT cleaning, high-precise self-parking. Contact, inquire wholesale price.

Robotic Above Ground Pool Cleaner Vacuum Wholesale with OEM, Private Label

Robotic Above Ground Pool Cleaner Vacuum Wholesale with OEM, Private Label

Factory made Aiper, Dolphin comparable robotic pool cleaner vacuums for above ground swimming pools. Support OEM and private label manufacturing for your own brands.

Product Specification:
  • Item: Above Ground Pool Robot Cleaner
  • Replaces: Aiper, Dolphin, Pentair, etc.
  • Cleaning Time: 100 Minutes
  • Cleaning Area: 1000 SQ.FT
  • Sale: OEM, ODM, Private Label
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robotic pool cleaner for above ground pools




1. Easy-to-Use Cordless Design

The cordless, hoseless pool cleaner is powered by an internal 5000mAh battery, giving it the freedom to move around your pool with ease, and allowing you to relax and enjoy your sparkling clean pool.

2. Intelligent Cleaning System

With double the hall sensing power and built-in advanced smart navigation system, the robot cleaner can navigate your pool with even greater precision, ensuring every inch is cleaned to perfection,

providing a more thorough and efficient cleaning experience.

3. More Cleaning, Less Charging

Equipped with a 5000mAh high-capacity battery, the pool cleaner can provide up to 100 minutes of continuous cleaning time, and the cleaning area is up to 1000 square feet. A full charge only takes 2.5-3 hours. It is perfect for above-ground pools (up to 33' diameter) and in-ground flat-floored pools (up to 40' X 20').

4. Efficient Cleaning

Equipped with two powerful motors, two high-quality scrapers, and a suction port up to 4" wide, the pool cleaner easily removes dirt, debris, and hair from your pool, leaving it sparkling clear and healthy.

5. Self-Parking

With inbuilt Self-parking technology, the robotic pool cleaner will park near the pool wall when the battery level drops below 5% or after completing a cleaning cycle for easy retrieval. Just use the included hook to lift it out of the water.

6. Easy to Use and Clean

Simply turn on the switch located on the top of the robot, slowly immerse it into the pool, and the robotic cleaner will start working automatically. When it's time to clean the filter, simply remove the cap and hose it down.


robot above ground pool cleaner





  Robot above ground pool cleaner

  Battery Capacity

  5000mAh Built in Battery

  Cleaning Time

  100 Minutes

  Cleaning Area

  1000 SQ.FT

  Charging Time

  2.5 to 3 Hours

  Used For

  1. Above-ground pools (up to 33 inches diameter)

  2. In-ground flat-floored pools (up to 40 x 20 inches).


  1. OEM & ODM 

  2. Large Quantity Wholesale

  3. Private Label Manufacturing


above ground pool robot cleaner


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: What is your minimum order quantity?

    A: Normal order: 100—200 pcs; OEM order: 500 pcs

2. Q: How is your product delivered?

    A: Samples: DHL/TNT/UPS expresses; Bulk goods: sea transportation

3. Q: Is your product suitable for small businesses?

    A: We supply products for small business owners.

4. Q: Do you offer a free trial or demo of your product?

    A: We offer free samples for tests before official orders.

5. Q: Do you offer custom plans or packages for larger organizations?

    A: We support OEM, ODM, private label and packages based on requirements.

6. Q: What information should I let you know if I want to get a quotation?

    A: 1) Model number. 2) Size and dimension. 3) Function requirements. 4) The brand. 5) Quantity.


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