2 Points Make UTR400 RO Water Filter More Popular

Published by admin August 04,2022

The most convenient way to access potable water is to install a RO water filter. RO water filters generate filtered drinking water easily and quickly from home and kitchen use. There are altogether 2 points make RO water filter systems popular all over the world.
ro water filter

Tankless Appearance

Compared with traditional RO water filters, UTR400 has no tank for water storage. This design helps to keep water fresh, sanitary and germ-free. Traditional RO systems water filters will breed bacteria and virus during long time storage and that will affect the filtered water quality a lot.

Real Time TDS Display

TDS is the abbr of Total Dissolved Solids which means all the impurities and substances in tap water. Previous RO water filters just filter the raw water and store it in the water tank. Users can not see how pure the filtered water is. While our UTR400 RO system water filter is designed with TDS display functions. Users can clearly see the TDS value when filling water.

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