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Are Chloramines Safe to Drink?

Published by admin September 21,2020

According to the EPA’s water quality regulations, it is safe to drink water with up to 4mg/L of chloramines. In general, chloramines are not believed to be a health hazard. Studies have demonstrated that drinking water with 4 mg/L (or 4ppm) of chloramines is not linked to any illness or longterm health effects. Since municipal water suppliers are held to strict guidelines when it comes to the water they distribute, it is very unlikely that you would be exposed to water with greater than 4 mg/L of chloramine. 

The sole exception to this is hemodialysis patients. Chloramines are able to enter the bloodstream of hemodialysis patients through the dialysis membrane. Once in the bloodstream, chloramines alter hemoglobin, resulting in a potentially life-threatening condition called hemolytic anemia. If you are on dialysis, you should seek to avoid the use of water with chloramines. 

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