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Why Install RO System for Your Tap Water?

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  • Published by admin August 23,2021

    In fact, many consumers do not understand that contaminated water purifiers will breed bacteria to produce secondary pollution, and the quality of their purified water is not even as good as that of tap water.
    If the household terminal water filter uses purified ro membrane to filter out pure water, the water filtered by the non-reverse osmosis type water purifier cannot guarantee qualified water quality. Moreover, the tap water contains high chlorine, and the water from the water purifier still contains chlorine. Only RO system can remove chlorine, so if you want to buy a water purifier, it is recommended that you choose a reverse osmosis water filter system.

    Why Install RO System for Your Tap Water?

    The principle of reverse osmosis: when the same volume of dilute solution and concentrated liquid are placed on both sides of a container, and the middle is blocked by a semi-permeable membrane, the solvent in the dilute solution will naturally pass through the semi-permeable membrane and flow toward the concentrated solution The liquid level on the side of the concentrated solution will be higher than the liquid level of the dilute solution by a certain height, forming a pressure difference to achieve an osmotic equilibrium state. This pressure difference is the osmotic pressure. If a pressure greater than the osmotic pressure is applied on the concentrated solution side, the solvent in the concentrated solution will flow to the dilute solution. The flow direction of this solvent is opposite to the original infiltration direction. This process is called reverse osmosis.
    Reasons for odor in water purifier
    1. The service life of the filter element is up, there is no regular maintenance or replacement, the weather is hot, and the filtered bacteria, plant spores will ferment due to the increase in temperature, affecting the color and quality of the water.
    2. If there is no one at home for a period of time, if it is not used, if the used filter element is stopped in the middle, when it is used again, it may cause fermentation pollution of the filter element due to interruption of use and affect water quality.
    The technician reminded that the water purifier should regularly replace the filter element, and it is recommended to install an automatic water drain valve to automatically drain about 2 liters every 24 hours to simulate the state of use and maintain normal water flow to avoid water odors.

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