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How to Choose Home Water Filter for Yourself?

Published by admin August 23,2021

Filtration accuracy of home water filter
According to the filtering accuracy from low to high, the types of home water filter can be divided into:

Microfiltration → Ultrafiltration → Nanofiltration → RO reverse osmosis

The pore size of the ultrafiltration membrane is between 1 and 20 nanometers, and it cannot filter heavy metal ions and organic matter.

The pore size of the nanofiltration membrane r is smaller, which can filter most impurities, but the filtering effect of soluble ions such as calcium and magnesium is not good.
 RO reverse osmosis home water filter, the pore size of the filter membrane is 0.1 nm, even small particles such as metal ions such as harmful impurities can still be filtered to obtain pure water that can be directly consumed.

What is the speed of filtering water?

The water output rate of the RO system is related to the RO membrane. There are 50 gallons, 75 gallons, 100 gallons, and 500 gallons. Generally speaking, ro home water filter has a bucket, and there will be filtered pure water in the bucket. If you want to get pure water quickly, you can buy a ro home water filter with 500 or more gallons of ro ​​membrane.

Which home water filter to choose?

If you want direct drinking water, it is recommended that you buy ro home water filter. The ro system is currently the most advanced home water filter, and the filtered water can be directly consumed. In other home water filters, the filtered water is not directly drinkable.

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