Coffee Machine Water Filter

Coffee Machine Water Filter

Coffee Machine Water Filter Compatible Saeco Aqua Clean

Coffee Machine Water Filter Compatible Saeco Aqua Clean

Its unique structure can stop carbon fines coming out, water 100% flows through the filter cartridges, no leakage.

Product Specification:
  • Model No: CMF009
  • Fliter Life: 2 months
  • Certification : NSF, WQA
  • Free OEM Service : Available
  1. Product Details

charcoal filter for coffee maker

coffee machine water filter

Specification :



1 pc





Case Weight


8.0kg =17.6pounds


Case Dimension


42cm x30.5cm x 21cm= 16.5” x 12.0”x 8.3”



48Cases  (Based on 1.0m x 1.0m=39.4”x 39.4” pallet)


Pallet Weight

397kg =873.4pounds

Pallet Dimension

1.03m x 1.03m x 1.41m=40.6”x 40.6”x 55.5”

Individual Unit Weight With Box


158g =5.6oz


Individual Unit Box Dimension


9.5cm x 5.0cm x 9.5cm = 3.7" x 2.0" x 3.7"





FILTRATION LIFE:  3months                          

•Depends on water quality and level of contaminants.


CMF009- Saeco Aqua Clean

  • NSF certified natural coconut shell activated carbon removing Chlorine, color, odor, Voc, THM’s.
  • Food grade Non-sodium positive resin reduce lime scales, soften water, at the same time it does not bring in Na+ which is not good to health.


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