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Why say water in the tap becomes safe?

  • Published by admin July 13,2020

    All the year round, people's life cannot leave fruit, vegetables, etc.  Before eating these food, it is need to wash, but is the water safe in the tap?

    kitchen tap filter

    The answer, of course, is no. Residual chlorine in tap water is very harmful to human body. What is chlorine? Chlorine is yellow-green, with strong choking odor, toxic gas. It is a strong oxidant, contact with carbon dioxide can form phosgene, under high pressure can be liquefied into liquid chlorine, white smoke in the air, easily soluble in water, alcohol and ether, the aqueous solution known as hydrochloric acid. What harm does chlorine do to humans? Chlorine can stimulate the upper respiratory tract, cause acute pulmonary edema and pneumonia, long-term inhalation of low concentration of chlorine can cause chronic poisoning, rhinitis, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, cirrhosis, atherosclerosis, and even cancer. Because this is used, the water that contains surplus chlorine cleans vegetable, fruit to have bad effect for certain. Because chlorine will destroy the vitamins in vegetables, fruits, grains, minerals and other nutrients, seriously affect the human body's absorption of nutrients. It can be seen that using such water does great harm to our body.

          Don't worry, there's no problem with the mystery weapon on the tap. What is this? It is of course kitchen tap filter. Kitchen tap filter can remove Chlorine, see, she, Voc, THM 's, etc. The Chlorine  reduction rate is more than 99%. This is the basic type of kitchen tap filter.  While the upgraded type can remove pesticides,herbicides, heavy metal, particulates . So with the kitchen tap filter we can  wash fruits and vegetables without worrying about it.

          With the kitchen tap filter, water in the tap becomes safe, What are you hesitating about ? Install it!


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