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Why say the skin is bad because of bath water?

  • Published by admin July 09,2020

    In recent years, the problem of water pollution is more and more concerned by everyone, so the water we drink is good or not will be paid more attention by us. Every day washing the face with the water, did you pay attention to it? In fact, the water used to wash our faces and bodies can not be ignored, because it also has an effect on our skin and body.

    best shower filter for chlorine

    The tap water we use, though filtered by the water works, still contains residual chlorine, alum, rust, residual chlorine, trihalomethane, heavy metal, mercury, and bacterial viruses that cannot be removed even by boiling. When we take a shower, the pores open and these substances are slowly absorbed into the skin through the pores. As a result, our skin can become rough, dry, and thick, especially if the scalp is sensitive to itching, rashes, or, in severe cases, dryness and hair loss. How to solve this problem? As long as the installation of  a shower filter cartridge on the head, we can solve the problem.

    This is because there is KDF55 in the shower filter cartridge. What is KDF55? KDF55 is a kind of cu-zn alloy water treatment filter material invented by American scientists. It has very good filtration effect and has been certified by national health foundation (NSF). KDF55 reduces the concentration of carbon dioxide in water and makes the water more alkaline.KDF55 braking can remove Chlorine, pesticides and heavy metals, inhibit the growth of microorganism, Improve the condition of your skin, hair and nails. The shower filter cartridge with mineral ceramic balls, can provide mineral water.

    Taking a bath with the water after filtering of shower filter cartridge, the skin become better and better, the skin is smooth, the itching gradually subsided. So taking a bath with such bath water, we need not worry about the skin to deteriorate again.

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