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Why say the rv inline water filter is a good helper to the field trip?

Published by admin July 13,2020

During the weekend, friends  and I go to play, passing a puddle,and we stopped the car to have a look, we found a muddy car body above, at this time one of the friends took out a filter, said don't worry, and began to work.Soon the water from the filter had cleaned the mud off the car body and the car was new again. Everyone is very interested in this filter, the friend said with a smile: "this is the rv inline water filter, it is specially used in the field."

rv filter system

Rv inline water filter, because of its own characteristics, can reduce bacteria, cysts, spores, algae, organics, colloid, heavy metals, Chlorine, color, odor, particles. So rv inline water filter with rv, self-driving travel and other words, also gradually appear in everyone's eyes. Due to the increasing pressure of city life, people have become more and more interested in road trips in recent years. People can enjoy delicious food and see the world as they wish.

But when it comes to the rv inline water filter, it can wash cars, people can understand. So is the filtered water drink? The answer is self-evident. This will start from the raw materials of this filter.The rv inline water filter is composed of KDF55 and NSF certified natural activated carbon shell. KDF, I believe you are familiar with, KDF is a highly efficient copper zinc alloy water treatment filter material invented by American scientists, because it is expensive, commonly known as "water gold". It is the use of copper and zinc in water REDOX reaction, or is a kind of electrochemical reaction, to remove heavy metals in water (such as lead, mercury, copper, iron, etc.), chlorine, hydrogen sulfide. KDF has six functions: 1. Removal of oxidant (residual chlorine); 2. Removal of heavy metals; 3. Remove hydrogen sulfide; 4. Block suspended solids; 5. Prevent mineral scaling; 6. Inhibit microbial reproduction. While, NSF certified natural activated shell carbon, coconut shell activated carbon, coconut shell as raw material, refined by series of production process.The appearance of coconut shell activated carbon is black, granular, with developed pores, good adsorption performance, high strength, easy regeneration, economic and durable advantages. Products are mainly used for drinking water, pure water, wine, beverage, industrial sewage purification, can remove Chlorine, she, color, VOC, THM 's. Therefore, the filtered water can use be drinking and washing.

rv water purification systems

With the rv inline water filter, we are not worried about the problem of drinking water when going out for an outing, so we can say, it is a good helper to our field trip!

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