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Why say the reverse osmosis water purifier is our "umbrella"?

  • Published by admin July 13,2020

    In the past, people mostly drank boiled water, bottled water and bottled water. However, due to the attention to health problems in recent years, the "secondary pollution" of  tap water has gradually made people realize that  the water we drink can no longer meet the needs of the body.

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    It is said that reverse osmosis water purifier can protect our body, so what is good for us? Reverse osmosis water purifier can effectively purify tap water, the key is the role of the filters. Common filters in reverse osmosis water purifier are PP, CTO, GAC, in addition to the inline filter and RO membrane. What do these filters do?

    Filters is the "heart" of reverse osmosis water purifier. Different filters determine the purifying function of the reverse osmosis water purifier. It can be said that the filter is one of the core components of the reverse osmosis water purifier. For instance, PP, that is pp sediment melt blown filter cartridge, using 100% food grade PP as material, the filter cartridge contains no wetting agents, solvents, antistatic agents or binders. PP can remove sediment to the as sand, rust particles and scale particles. The CTO, that is activated carbon block filter cartridge, is extruded or sintered by quality carbon or NSF certified high density activated carbon and harmless adhesive as the main materials, can absorb Chlorine, unpleasant she, color, spore, and remove microorganisms. GAC, that is granular activated carbon filter cartridge, can remove objectionable tastes, Chlorine, unpleasant she, color, spore, lead and microorganisms. The in - line filter cartridge can be filled with various filter media according to different  needs. The Ro membrane, belong to the physical process, is used to remove the bacteria, viruses, heavy metal ions, organic compounds and inorganic salts in water.

    It can be seen that each part of the filters of the reverse osmosis water purifier has an irreplaceable role, they "cooperate with each other" to protect our health, become the "umbrella" of our health.

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