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Why say the patron saint of kitchen air is coming ?

Published by admin July 13,2020

In recent years we have heard a lot about the increasing risk of lung cancer among non-smokers, especially among women.It can be said that the kitchen smoke equivalent to second-hand smoke,why?

After years of research,researchers found that female friends often in and out of the kitchen, about a third of the people like hot cooked food. Lampblack is changed through high temperature to form chemical substance, many of these chemicals are carcinogens.

range hood filter

These carcinogens are inhaled into the body, so long time contact with kitchen lampblack,the body will increase the risk of lung cancer in 2-3 times.People have to eat three meals a day, so cooking is inevitable.So how to reduce to avoid kitchen lampblack? In fact, we always open the lampblack machine when cooking, lampblack machine can also reduce kitchen lampblack to a certain extent.But we may forget a problem, the range hood after a period of time, Oil scale will lead to impeller load increase, slow speed, poor smoke removal effect;The capacitor is easy to burn out;Smoke pipe valve will be oil adhesion, unable to close; etc. Although installed lampblack machine in the home, it is also possible to smoke extraction difficulty. There is little difference between installing and not installing.Therefore, on this basis, our company independently developed a new smoke god device " kitchen hood filter".

What role does the kitchen hood filter have? The kitchen hood filter has large capacity for absorbing impurities, VOC, smoke and bad smell.  The kitchen hood filter is composed of high density non-cloth and high quality activated carbon.Do you know what activated carbon does? Activated carbon can remove Chlorine, unpleasant odor, color, spore, microorganisms and pesticide.

So with it, do we still worry about "secondhand smoke" in the kitchen? Of course not, so we can say the kitchen hood filter is the patron saint of kitchen air, we need not worry about kitchen lampblack again!

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