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Why say the development of water purifier industry is an inevitable trend?

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  • Published by admin July 31,2020

    Ro system is an indispensable home appliance in modern families. It can effectively remove bacteria, bacteria, heavy metals and other impurities in water.With the continuous impact of water pollution around the world, peoplemore and more pay attention to the safety of drinking water, Ro system of all kinds of styles, appearance have appeared. At present, most public places in China use bottled water, such as government agencies, schools, medical institutions, airports and passenger transport stations.These sites are potential customers for commercial products, so it can also be concluded that there is a lot of room for development in the future market of China.

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    At present, the current situation of water pollution in China is not optimistic, and the overall evaluation of tap water quality by residents is relatively low. As can be seen from the results of the national evaluation of tap water quality by residents, the awareness of safe drinking water has gradually gained popularity, and 83% of residents think that the tap water at home needs to be purified for drinking.Traditional many filters in it , so is not the filters the more the better?At the time from the principle of filtration, Ro system includes pretreatment, core filtration, end treatment three steps, Ro system as long as the three steps can be met, and the filters are not related.

    The development trend of the Ro system industry in 2018 will be unfolded from four aspects: first, "customization".The word "customized" has been increasingly sought after and loved by consumers, in terms of Ro system, from product size to color to material and even personality patterns.Second, the market weight of "medium and high-end" Ro system has increased. With the acceleration of economic development, medium and high-end .Ro systems are more popular among consumers.Third, "intelligent" will become the industry sales highlights and the main growth point, the so-called intelligent, refers to the Ro system more and more advanced. Fourth, "small and fine, small and beautiful" Ro system more and more exquisite, in addition to the practical appearance is becoming more and more beautiful.Many Ro system manufacturers are more focused on doing their own characteristics, such as some enterprises focus on ultrafiltration, some enterprises focus on reverse osmosis and so on.

    It is urgent to ensure the safety of drinking water. With beautiful appearance and no space occupied, Ro systems have won the recognition of many consumers, and the Ro system industry has entered the golden period.At present, the number of Ro system enterprises in China increases by 30-40% every year, and the market penetration rate also increases by 5%.In the future, the Ro system market will become one of the most potential markets in the furniture industry.So, to put it bluntly, a new era has arrived for the Ro system industry.


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