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Why say bath is really much learning?

Published by admin July 13,2020

After the Spring Festival, the weather becomes warmer and warmer, people can be seen everywhere wearing less and less, take a bath every day, gradually become daily! But do you know anything about bathing?

charcoal shower filter


Some people like to take a shower in the morning, like people with oily skin, like people who get up early in the morning, like people who sweat a lot at night, and of course some people like to take a shower at night, like people with dry skin, like people who wear makeup during the day, like people who exercise during the day. Bath water temperature can also determine the effect of health, like a hot bath can expand blood vessels in the skin, promote blood circulation; And warm water bath, on high blood pressure, insomnia, neurasthenia has a very good effect; There are even people taking cold baths, which can improve the nervous system's ability to stress. So we can know, Taking a bath is really much learning. We all agree that showering is good for us, but if it makes our skin better, do you believe it? A new product is appear, best shower  head filter has this kind of function. General household water quality is very hard, hard water contains more calcium ions, will aggravate the symptoms of skin eczema.

While the inside media of best shower  head filter is anisotropic ferrite magnet , it can remove iron, manganese and fluorine, create a softer, more energized shower “feel”. So the water become soften. But water softening is not enough. It’s also need filter netting, can remove rust, sands, sediment,  etc. Filter media Calcium sulfite can remove Chlorine mainly, NSF certified  natural coconut shell activated carbon, can further remove Chlorine, odor, color, VOC, THM’s, etc. Furthermore, KDF55  can remove Chlorine, pesticides and heavy metals, inhibit the growth of microorganism, improve the condition of  your skin, hair and nails. Of course, in addition,  there are  also mineral ceramic balls provide mineral water.

Of course, not paying attention to take a bath , will also have bad place to the body, like take a bath also cannot too often, the time that takes a bath also cannot too long etc., if  we do not pay attention to these sides , it is also harmful. So pay attention to some bath knowledge, will let us more healthy, more beautiful!


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