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Why say a good filter can protect the whole family?

Published by admin July 13,2020

The weather is warmer and warmer, from the outside to the home,  we draw a cup of cold water from the faucet , after drinking  we are feeling smooth, then use the water inside the faucet to wash fruit and eat some fruit, we are feel very comfortable.  But can we drink the water from the faucet  directly?

Drinking water has been a controversial issue in recent years. Why? Water pollution is increasing year by year.But tap water seems to have strict standards, there are still many problems, because tap water even boiled there are still many problems, such as water dirt, heavy metals, bacteria, chlorine, there is a saying that water is the source of life, if you drink dirty water, how will the body?

The world health organization (WHO) survey showed that 80% of the world's disease and 50% of all child deaths related to poor water quality. Due to water pollution, 50 million children die each year all over the world, 35 million people suffer from cardiovascular disease, 70 million cases of calculi, 90 million cases of hepatitis, 30 million people died of liver cancer and stomach cancer, these data is by no means alarmist, all these proved that the water pollution problem is very tap filter

When you look at this data, does it matter what kind of water you drink? Based on this,  best faucet filter is becoming more and more important, after the installation of best faucet filter, we do not have to worry about the bad water quality , washing fruit and vegetables will become more assured. Because best faucet filter has the following functions: Basic Type, cam remove Chlorine, color, odor, Voc, THM's, etc. Among Chlorine Reduction Rate is more than 99%. And the upgraded type not only remove the Chlorine, etc, but also can remove pesticides, heavy metal reduction and particulates reduction, which all are tested by the third-party lab SGS. The upgraded tap water filters have some functions, lindane reduction rate is more than 95%, atrazine reducton rate is more than 85%, 2.4-D reduction rate is more than 86%, and so on.

Visible with best faucet filter, drinking water will become more and more at ease,this is really: a good filter, guard the whole family.


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